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2014 ...  a special tango year in Canary Islands!


Vacaciones Tango Tenerife! A special tango week with relax, sun, sea and Tango!

In three years, from 2011 to 2014 we done 24 weeks of tango, all with enthusiasm, professionalism in a family friendly environment. Our study method (Movimiento y Tango ©) has been recognized as an effective , original and innovative method.

To inquire further references you can see our "Guestbook", moreover we have created a special Facebook group whose members only tango dancers who have participated in our events. Through the group can contact directly and ask for information about the organization , the seminar , the island, the climate, the location, etc.

The organization of tango/week is supended for 2014! We'll came back in 2015 with new dates! If you want receive information please send us the form!

I hope see you soon  in Tenerife!

Silvia and Claudio :)


FAQ Tango Holiday in Tenerife


What is “Vacaciones Tango Tenerife”?

It's a project to join an intense study of Argentinean tango with an  organized  and relaxing holiday into the south of Tenerife, the beautiful Canaria Island, where the weather is always marvellous (Tenerife is called the Island of the eternal spring!).

We think that the atmosphere of relax, as well the contact with Nature and  Ocean, can help to learn body experiences, creativity and capacity of self-expression.

What does “organised holidays” mean?

The participants simply have to choose which holiday week they want from the ones on offer and reserve a flight to Tenerife (Airport Queen Sophia, South Tenerife).

Our organisation provide accommodation, transport, Tango classes, space for Tango practice, Milongas, excursions and extra activities.

One or more people, in the capacity of Tango ballet dancers, organisers, artists and DJs will devote themselves to the entertainment of the group every day, offering diverse activities such as nature walks, tours around the island, catamaran trips, diving, etc. As an alternative, for those that request it, we offer information and advice on other ways to spend they days should you wish this.

In the evening, every day, a Tango class will be given and in the week various Milonga, an event that is also open to the whole group of Tango dancers on the island.  

Who are the Tango teachers?

The teachers are Claudio Buratti and Silvia Maria Gutierrez Bonnet.

Claudio has lived in Tenerife since 2007, where he organises Tango events and teaches at a dance academy.

The method to learn Tango is called  “Movimiento y Tango”, mixing the knowledge of other disciplines such as dance and martial arts with the teachers' experience as dancers and Tango teachers.

Silvia is a professional dancer, Tango teacher and Pilates instructor.



What is “Movimiento y Tango”?

Logo_MT1_250Movimiento y Tango was born to describe and simplify the complex rules of movement of the tango, that after the acquisition and a constant study, leading to develop a perfect balance and a total communication. This balance is to be discovered not only in relationship to the earth but also in the relationg  the various parts of the body, strength, presence, passivity and energy used in this fascinating dance.  

The study method is based on motion analysis combined with experiences in various disciplines (Thai Chi Chuan and Kung Fu in the first place, but also Rolfing, Feldenkrais, contemporary dance, improvisation and, of course, Tango Argentino), related to, mixed and changed to create a path of experiences and exercises. The result will be a profound change and revolution of the most basic rules of the tango.  

By “Movimiento y Tango" will not be offered new steps or different styles of tango but provide the means to maximize their abilities and potential in relation to their experience. 

Who can take part?

The method Movimiento y Tango offers a system that can be followed by dancers of Argentine Tango, both by beginners and advanced pupils.

The method is partly based on communication and movement, and partly on the step sequences.

To learn the Tango skills more effectively, frequent changes of partners during the classes will be suggested by the teachers. 

And for the singles?

The project is directed principally to couple. Nevertheless, single people who want to learn Tango are welcome. For the success of the project, the organisation tries to offer an equal number of men and women. 

How much is the cost of the holiday?

The price of the Residence depends on whether it is low or high season.

We offer an “all-inclusive” service (bed, breakfast, lunch, snacks, dinner, open bar, room and resident services) with all Tango activities (the lessons, Milongas with, practice...).

For the details to see the date in the menu. 

Are flight and transports included?

No, the flight is not included. The participants will arrive from different places and everyone will organise his travel the way he prefers. However we offer our experience to help you choose the best flight.

The transport from the airport to the residence, as well as personal trips, are not included.

To rent a car costs about 180€ for the week which may be useful for those who want to visit the island during their free-time.

The alternative is to take buses, which connect very well between the main towns during day and night.

Where we are and What to do during free-time?

The residence offers a full service: first of all a large swimming pool adjacent the ocean with sea water; there is also a mini-pool for the children.

Near the residence there is a small, quiet sandy beach with access to the sea, and a nice walk to the cliff. There are different beaches near the promenades, and others in more secluded and remote areas. You can walk, do boat excursions.

There are also many diving centres, and sports on offer. In the charming village of Las Galletas there is a small, traditional port, a pedestrian zone full of local life, shops, bars and restaurants.


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What’s Tenerife and the weather like?

Tenerife is a volcanic island, with impressive landscapes each very different from the other, because it is a land with a microclimate: the Teide, the volcano, is the highest peak of Spain (3718 metres above sea level) and divides the island into a northern zone which is cooler with woods, and a southern area with a warmer and tropical climate.

The ocean is clean, the sky and the air are clear and bright and the weather is one of the best in the world: fresh in summer and temperate in winter, especially in the south where the residence is situated.

It is always possible to sunbathe and swim all the year round! Tenerife is an island worth a visit for many reasons: naturalistic, oceanographic, gastronomic and cultural. The lifestyle is very tranquil and relaxed, the inhabitants are very amiable and the cost of  living is lower than the European average.

How to participate?

There is application form on the web-site; those who write will receive an answer with the information necessary to continue with the booking.

It is requested that an advanced payment for book.  It is possible to pay it with transfert bank. After you have booked the flight you should forward us the flight reservation documents (mail or invoice), so that it will be possible for us to book the residence and other services for you.

Where to find other information?

It is possible to consult our website, there are useful links. Or is possible to contact us directly with the application form.

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