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Silvia y Claudio - A Los Amigos, Osvaldo Pugliese   Reportage of Silvia and Claudio in Television Canaria
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Cla Claudio Buratti
date of birth 14/3/1969,
Torino - Italy

He studed music, becaming a guitarist and a sound tecnique.

He gets the first level of the School of Shatsu, Torino.

cla_kung_fuHe practiced, from 1995 to 2005, Kung Fu and Thai Chi Chuan, starting an iter of consciousness and studing body's movement.

He discovered the Argentinean tango studing with Carlo Margiocchi and Patrizia Pollarolo, “Laboratorio di Tango Argentino” of Torino.

He did regulary seminary with important argentinean teachers as Gustavo Naveira and Giselle Anne, Alejandro Sanguineti and Karin Solana, Mariano “Chicho” Frumboli.

He get deeper of his tango's studies Roberto Herrera and Vanina Bilous, Graciela González, Julio Balmaceda and Corina De La Rosa.

Under the guide of the teacher, dancer and choreographer argentinean Silvia Vladimivsky (interview parte1/ parte2), artistic director of the Company “Teatro Fantastico di Buenos Aires”, he took part of dance-theatre lessons, discovering his creativity and self-expression through the language of tango. He did similar studies with Marina Chiarelotto, into a project of both teachers.

From 1999 he teached with Patrizia Pollarolo in the School of “Laboratorio di Tango Argentino”; doing research in the didactics, he studied Feldenkrais method and he did an important seminary of Rolfing technique.

Cla_Silvi2He did stages of dance theraphy and Danza Sensible with Claude Coldee,  dance and improvvisation with Sara Marasso and the group MK, Contact with Gabriela Morales.

He went to Buenos Aires to study tango.

He worked in the “Milonga” (dance nigth) “Al Café Blue come a Buenos Aires”, in Torino, as a Dj and sound technician. He constantly did music's researches, expecially of tango.

In 2000 he took the Diploma of Tango Argentino, Associazione Nazionale Maestri di Ballo Italiani (A.N.M.B.I).

Since 2007 he lives in the south of Tenerife, doing various tango activities.

He created a web project to develop and promote tango in the Islas Canarias: CanariasTango

Cla_Silvi6Now he teaches tango in Tenerife (Dance Accademy of Aida De Quik, Las Galletas and  Escuela de baile Sigueme, Adeje) with Silvia Maria Gutierrez Bonnet developing the project “Movimiento y Tango”, and organizes “Tango Holidays” in Tenerife.





Name: Silvia Maria Gutierrez Bonnet

Birthdate: 12/06/67
Place of Birth: Montevideo, Uruguay
Nacionality: Uruguayan - Spanish

Being her mother a classic ballet dancer and her father a musician, Silvia’s first steps were combined with dance and music from the cradle. 

At 4 years of age (1971) she takes classes of Body Expression, music, and basic principles of classic Ballet at the Pouyanne Institute of Montevideo, directed by her mother Ana María Bonnet Buela, teacher and choreographer.

At 7, (1974) she joins the Uruguayan National School of Classic Dance directed by  the renowned teachers Margaret Graham and her husband, Tito Barbón.

Silvi2In 1978 she starts training in Sports Artistic Gym at the Montevideo YMCA, while continuing with ballet lessons, and participating in the annual dance festivals of the Pouyanne Institute. In 1982 she starts teaching ballet for beginners at the Pouyanne Institute, developing her career as teacher and choreographer for three years, up to 1985.

Her education as a dancer continues improving for she takes many courses and regular classes with teachers of different origins and styles, as well as workshops on modern and contemporary dance with international teachers.
Along with her oldest sister María Gutierrez Bonnet, ballet dancer and choreographer graduated at the Uruguayan National School of Classic Dance, she creates the corps de ballet of the Holistic Center Shanti, participating in private and public events, (including appearances at the official TV Channel 5, SODRE), and touring Uruguay.)
In 1994 she graduates from the Superior Institute of Physic Education of Uruguay as Physic Education Teacher, and Trainer of Artistic-Sports Gymnastics.
In 1995 she is granted a scholarship to study Artistic Gymnastics in Germany, at the University of Leipzig, where she deepens studies on the Feldenkrais technic.

At the same time she takes classes of Jazz and Contemporary dance, participating in the dance festival of the University of Leipzig in March, 1996.


Upon her return to Uruguay, from 1997 to 1999 she teaches artistic dances, and works as national trainer of artistic gymnastics at the Children’s Gymnastic Center.

She then starts dedicating wholeheartedly to dance, studying Cuban salsa with the Cuban teacher Aris, and flamenco with the Uruguayan teacher Elena Vilariño.

She begins experiencing Argentine Tango with Omar Correa, Elena Vilariño, Eduardo and Veronica, and other Uruguayan teachers.

In 1999 she moves to Tenerife, Canary Islands, Spain, up to the present date, where she builds a professional career out of dancing in different dance companies.

SIlviHer Argentine Tango skills are improved researching, studying, and participating in different cultural and social events (dancing in different shows as well as teaching tango and hosting Milongas.)

After having dedicated part of her professional life to gymnastic disciplines (such as aerobics, fusion dances, etc.), she starts her education on the Pilates Method in 2003.  (Life Pilates, Universal Pilates), and participates in different seminars like Lolita San Miguel’s in Spacio 10, Lolita having been former Joseph Pilates disciple. From 2004 to the present day she Works as Pilates Instructor, teaching individuals and groups at Tenerife’s specialized centers like the Abama Hotel, Aqua Termal, Spacio 10 etc., where she also teaches Matroswimming (swimming classes for mothers and their babies).

In 2004 she graduates as Holistic Yoga Instructor, and enters the world of the Biodance.

Together with the Italian tango teacher Claudio Buratti, she is nowadays teaching tango in Tenerife through the attractive project   "Movement and Tango", an educational method created by putting together different experiences that lead the students to experience a good contact with the Earth, open and balanced movements, and enhanced communication with their dancing partners.

The last 2011 innovation within   ¨Movement and Tango¨ has been the successful "Tenerife Tango Vacation"   for foreign tango lovers, a package that combines tango lessons with leisure journeys to the most attractive places of the Island.

Actually is owner and Pilates Monitor in the Center Pilates Tenerife (Pilates, Yoga, Massage and Trataments) in the South of Tenerife.



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